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The Rayzar

Concept by VernoGuy


Replaces the engineer Dispenser (all levels)

If you like the item and would like to see it officially added ingame please show your support in the steam workshop, rate fave and maybe comment to show Valve how much you want it!

Go ahead:

Thanks for you support!

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[G-TIC] The Donger of Hope
Posted on: 06-22-2014

I was able to fix the dispenser screen showing up on the floor, here's the file:
Just put it in your tf/custom folder along with the mod, but if you uninstall the Rayzar mod make sure to uninstall this too or it will make your dispenser screen invisible :)

Posted on: 05-27-2013

if you place it the default dispencers screen will appear on the ground

Posted on: 05-19-2013

that might work with this or it just worked with the view finder

Posted on: 05-19-2013

thatdude you open no sound after opening the file that holds it,select a wep,open tf and put the wep you selected in sound,then in the file that holds the skin select a file ill leave a comment later wich file and select the same wep from nosound and place that in the custom file (custom file is in tf)

[HE4D]Extremely Foxy Engi 4710
Posted on: 05-07-2013

Could you get this updated to work with the .vpk format ASAP? Thanks, this mod would be the icing on the cake for me.

Posted on: 04-04-2013

This may sound totally retarded but how do I install the mod once I've downloaded it? I thought for sure there would be some instructions either in the file I downloaded or on the website I downloaded it from, but I've found nothing so far. Some help would be nice. I really would like to check out this mod (and others too) and give some feedback. Thank You!

Le Hungry Pumkin ( ? ?? ?)
Posted on: 01-27-2013

Gamebanana is down right now so I'll leave my comment here.

This is the coolest dispenser mod I've ever seen. The only thing that bugs me is the radar dish. Maybe you should save that for level 3 instead, like how Valve's dispenser has that bit that comes out on top.

Classic Rainbow Dash
Posted on: 12-01-2012

this is not working it only shows the metal gauge in the floor nothing else