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The Groundbreaker

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This is a weapon mod which replaces the Stickybomb Launcher (NEW!), Scottish Resistance or the Sticky Jumper, including the corresponding stickybombs. The models have LODs and includes
backpack icons.

When replacing the Stickybomb Launcher, all botkiller and festive versions are also replaced using custom attachment models. The Australium version is also replaced.

Installation Instructions

The zip file contains a number of .vpk files named in the following format:


Place those with the names of the item(s) you wish to replace inside your tf\custom folder, the default locations are:

32 bit Windows
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\custom

64 bit Windows
C:\Program Files x86\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\custom

Installing alternative colourscheme

The zip file contains a vpk "tf2_mod__groundbreaker_grey_texture.vpk" which contains an
alternative grey colourscheme. To use it, install this vpk in addition to the mod version vpk,
and the alternative colourscheme will be used instead of the red/blue default. The backpack
icons are currently not changed by this.

To remove the mod delete the appropriate [name].vpk file and the [name].vpk.sound.cache file.

Note About Conflicts
If you have multiple vpk files which are used to mod the same files (e.g. 2 mods for the same weapon model) then the vpk which is first alphabetically will be the one used by the game. Be sure to remove vpk files when switching between mods to avoid issues like this.

This weapon is in the Steam Workshop.
07 December 2013 - 1.4
- Updated materials to include killstreak sheen parameters.
- Updated Stickybomb Launcher model to the current skin settings (should fix any botkiller teamcolour issues).
- Added Australium version to Stickybomb Launcher version.

28 September 2013 - 1.3
- Added "tf2_mod__groundbreaker_grey_texture.vpk" that changes the colourscheme to a neutral grey.
- Install it in addition to the mod version you want to use to alter it.

22 July 2013 - 1.2
- Added a version for the stock Stickybomb Launcher

01 May 2013 - 1.1
- Repacked into .vpk files

28 February 2013 - 1.0
- Initial Release