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Panthrower Sound Replacements

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Best if used in conjunction with Shiroku's pan flamethrower particle mod here:

Replaces most stock flamethrower sounds, including airblast and reflects, so it bleeds into other flamethrowers. It's easy enough to remove which ones you don't want by just not including them, and for the inexperienced (which I doubt) I will add a list of the file names and what they do exactly. The streaming fire sound that is supposed to loop isn't particularly loud, but noticeable. It's when you hit somebody you'll really hear the clanging, it's actually pretty annoying, but I think that's the point.

If you're experienced when it comes to the sound files you don't need to read this next part. Or you can just figure it out for yourself, which is always fun.

flame_thrower_airblast: Plays when you press M2 for airblasting. Does not affect the sound for extinguishing teammates, pushing enemies back, and should not play when reflecting a projectile.

flame_thrower_airblast_rocket_redirect: This plays when a projectile, any projectile, is reflected.

flame_thrower_end: The "winding down" noise when you release M1.

flame_thrower_fire_hit: Plays when flames make contact with enemies.

flame_thrower_loop: The middle part of the firing sound for the flamethrower. It is supposed to loop but it tends not to, though it's long enough that it shouldn't need to loop, unless you're standing in front of a dispenser or respawn cabinet.

flame_thrower_loop_crit: Same as above. No change in sound.

flame_thrower_start: Plays when you push M1. Fades out so that the loop sound can fade in a moment later.

Idea requested by Xazo-Tak on the Steam Users' Forums.