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Twilight's Sceptre

Please take this with as many pinches of salt as you can find, I'm not taking this seriously.

So apparently this thing made an appearance recently, and people are going crazy for it.
There's something kind of funny about it, perhaps the manic smile or just the inexplicable concept of the thing.

Either way, I made it this morning whilst watching Qi to keep my hands busy.

Don't really like putting it up here amongst all the actually good stuff, but people will be knocking down my door if I don't, and wood doors are really surprisingly expensive.

Replaces the Freedom Staff.

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Posted on: 05-31-2014

The mod is not working anymore. We need .dir one... For the custom file :P

[T.B] Dr. NinjaBlack?
Posted on: 05-06-2014

one dislike is the hater....
I like waepon

Posted on: 01-11-2014

Doesn't work with genuine.

Beauty Queen Etna
Posted on: 12-19-2013

Well, aren't you charming
besides, mlptf2mods stopped getting updates months ago

Posted on: 12-19-2013

put this on the faggot tf2 site (mlf(my little faggot)

Johnny Joe
Posted on: 12-01-2013

Give it up for that god on a rod, that gold soul on a pole. The one. The only. THE TWICANE. *boos and hissing*

Posted on: 11-29-2013


Posted on: 11-25-2013

Well, that was fast...