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The Tartan Tincture: V3!

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Are you having a rough day?

Did you lose a fight you should've won, lose a wee miss that should've taken, and now the warning signs of frostbite is rearing it's ugly head to render you immobile and in constant agony for your now brevit life?

Well buck up boyo, you're from the highlands, and this is how we keep warm come winter. Forty fluid ounces of the finest double malt scotch. Sure to turn any fight or lass your way, and might even drown out the feeling of all those superflous limbs rotting away in the howling dark malicious months of winter!

And it's innovative too! Prior to now, all flasks were one of two colours, the tartan lovingly hand picked by Irish prisoners of war in the Braemore fields; But now, thanks to the tireless research of Wilson, Wilson and Wicken Scotch Solutions, you can have it in any colour you want! Start conversations, impress friends, slaughter the english, start your own clan or regress into a spiraling and spectacular slow suicide the traditional highland way!

Votes in the workshop would be appreciated. It's pretty hard for a small flask to find traction while being drowned by a million billion jackets, scarves, christmas lights and snow. Asphyxiation has never been so festive.