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Mah leg!

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//:Note:// This was a popular sound of mine on FPS Banana (where I used to share my sound mods before the whole "game banana" shit happened) now I've decided to share my sounds here and hopefully help get this site going.

Here's my old description:

I made this because it just feels right.

For those strange few who don't get it, its a frequent happening in Spongebob, where in mostly any kind of chaos that involves people getting hurt, you'll here a certain unknown fish yell in agony of his mangled leg.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sounds occurs on: Crit. receival (happens every 2 out of 5 times), Fall damage and Payload explosions (plays a different sound with background noise of crowd chaos)

Remember, its supposed to be background noise, so please don't say you can't hear it or its to soft, its meant to be that way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is an idea I had for quite some time but I was to lazy to create. Well, I finally got around to it and it seemed to turn out pretty good, always makes me laugh.

Hope you like it, leave feedback if your having trouble getting it to work.