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The Mad Hat

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The Pyro has always seemed a bit odd to me. Anyone that enjoys setting people on fire must be completely mad, so I feel like this submission should be fitting of the Pyro (and if it isn't, then I must be mad myself).
Introducing The Mad Hat.

One day the red Pyro was strolling through dustbowl, merrily lighting the blu team's cigarettes when he came across a most peculiar sight. He saw a man in a strangely shaped top hat drinking tea with a rabbit.

He approached slowly, holding his flamethrower ready. Surely the only other people on the battlefield must be enemies.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" The man asked, looking down the business end of the Pyro's weapon.

Of course, the Pyro is a man (or a woman, or something else entirely) of knowledge and felt confident in itself (or himself, or herself) that the answer would come easily, so he sat down, still carefully pressing her flamethrower into the stranger's chest. He thought it over for a moment, let out a profound mumble, then burnt this out of place character to a crisp.

The only thing that remained among the ashes of this mad tea-timer was his hat - which the Pyro quickly swiped up and placed upon her masked head.